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White Cotton Rags

White Sheeting

reclaimed sheets that are cut to size, light weight rags, great for general purpose and windows, uniform color and size


Reclaimed White Fleece

Used for heavy duty and general clean-up, cotton sweatshirt material, medium to heavy weight feel


Reclaimed White Polo

Used for all applications, including maintenance and clean-up, made from cotton white shirts, light to medium weight feel


White Thermal Blankets

100% cotton wipers, medium to heavy weight, recycled from cotton blankets, super absorbent and great for heavy uses


White Receiving Blankets/Diapers

100% cotton wipers, great for polishing and staining, cut from baby and hospital blankets, super soft and absorbents


White Knitted Sheets

thicker and more heavy duty than white sheets, more cotton content and more absorbent, cut to size


New White Knits

High cotton content, light weight to medium weight t-shirt material, bleached and unwashed, great for maintenance and staining, free of emblems, logos and tags


White Huck Towels

100% cotton brand new white huck towels, hemmed on all edges, uniform size and texture



Reclaimed Terry Towels

100% cotton terry cloth rags, sizes range from 14”x20” to 16”x24”, prewashed and super absorbent


New Terry Towels

100% Cotton rags, nice large sized pieces, hemmed on all edges