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Manufactured with 100% purified woven cotton, it’s unique crimped finish and firmly twisted yarns lift, entrap and remove particulates and, residual surface contamination. The super soft texture provides superior surface conformity and memory improving process performance and efficiency. They are one of the strongest, durable and economical wipers available today for critical cleaning, surface preparation and polishing applications.

  • Meets and exceeds AMS 3819B Standards
  • Meets and exceeds BMS 15-5F Standards
  • Compatible with all cleaning solvents
  • Packed 12 rolls per case in either continuous rolls or economy cut rolls


Virtually identical to Rymplecloth, this aerospace wiper is bleached white. This whiter cloth is preferred by some end-users for critical cleaning and polishing processes. Ideal for general use whenever a wiping or polishing cloth is needed.

  • Sold by the case of 12-rolls
  • 100 pieces per roll
  • 10” piece width

Purewipe Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth products are available in different grades and put-ups for a variety of specialized applications. Made from 100% woven cotton, our cheesecloth is very soft and absorbent. The openness of the weave assures the user that the wiping cloth will not displace the contaminants on the surface, but will clean the surface and make it ready for further applications.


  • Different grades and constructions available
  • Folded 4 ply, 9”
  • Packed in convenient boxes
  • 60 to 100 yards per box depending on construction
  • 10 boxes per case

Economy-Cut Rolls

  • Different grades and constructions available
  • Pre-cut, folded 4 ply 9”
  • 100, 120 or 240 pieces per roll
  • Standard cases contain 10 rolls
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Rymplecloth Cheesecloth

Aerotex Cheesecloth

Purewipe Cheesecloth