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Oil Resistant Gloves

For those working in the gas & oil industry, it’s imperative to have the right gear, so that the job can be completed safely and efficiently. Y-Pers carries the best oil resistant gloves for every situation.

Our oil & gas reisitant work gloves come in sandy and rough finishes, double dipped PVC, high-viz orange and jersey and foam linings.

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6410SC - Oil Hauler
  • Double Dipped PVC Gloves
  • Available in both Green and High-Viz Orange PVC
  • Jersey Lining with Sandy Finish


6521SCO - Double Dipped PVC Jersey Lined
  • High-Viz Orange PVC
  • Jersey Lined with Sandy Finish


6710F - Double Dipped PVC Foam Lined
  • High-Viz Orange PVC
  • Premium Foam Lined
  • Sandy Finish
  • High-Viz Orange

6212SJ - Double Dipped PVC Gloves
  • Sandy Finish and Jersey Lined
  • Available in Knit wrist, 10”, 12” and 14” Cuff Length
  • Treated with Actifresh to lock out odors


9761 - Predator
  • Premium Nitrile Fully Coated
  • Rough Finish