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Industrial Safety Supplies Overview

We carry a full line of industrial safety supplies to make sure you are protected from head to toe! From hand and eye protection to safety glasses and vests, Y-pers has it all to make sure you are safe in the workplace. Here is just a quick overview of some of our most popular products. If you don’t see something on our website, it doesn’t mean we don’t carry it. Request a quote today on what you’re looking for and we will find it for you!


Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves, latex gloves, vinyl gloves and our bi-polymer gloves – all available powder and powder free in different thicknesses!



Leather Gloves

A staple in the workplace, leather gloves come in a variety of qualities. See a few of them here.




Oil Resistant Gloves

Our oil resistant gloves are a must have for any industry dealing with oil. We have a variety of oil resistant gloves available (for winter too).



Protective Eyewear

Safety glasses are not just about protection, but also about looking good. We have a variety of glasses available.




Coveralls, Hairnets and Beard Covers

This is where you will find industrial safety supplies that will keep your covered from head to toe (literally). We have shoe covers, coveralls, hairnets and bear covers.



Winter Supplies

When the temperature dips, we have the winter supplies you need to stay warm and dry on the job (plus ice melt, too!).

Cotton Gloves

Check out some of our most popular cotton gloves– from brown jersey gloves to chore gloves.



Multi-Task Gloves & Cut Resistant

Becoming more popular, multi-task gloves allow hands to work without getting hurt.


Insulated Winter Gloves

We carry several types of winter gloves that will keep your hands warm and improve your grip.



Rain Gear + Safety Vests

Keeping your employees visible on the job is a must! Check out our safety vests and hi-viz raingear to keep employees seen and dry.



Tape & Carpet Cover

Keeping employees safe is important, but so is keeping your product safe. We have clear adhesive plastic available for all your jobs.



Summer Supplies

These products are made specifically for the summer to keep employees cool and refreshed while working in the summer.