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What is Spilltration? We are one of the few exclusive distributors of this great product. Unlike white oil-only pads, Spilltration pads absorb oil and filter water, allowing water to pass through, so you only trap what you want and the rest flows right into the drain.


Absorbs hydrocarbon leaks and drips

Filters clean water through at the same time

Available in 16x16 and 8x8





Husky Pads

Ultra-thick pads designed as first line of defense

Fits into basins or used separately
Smoosh packed to compress and fit into tight spaces
80% space savings vs. traditional pads



Husky Rugs

Perfect for covering large land-based spills quickly

32" wide x 48" long and 1/2" thick - HUGE!

Great for storm draings, runoff ditches, parking lots and roadways





Shammy Towels

Soft towels are great in the rain

Used to wipes tools, equipment, rocks, metal, everything!

Great alternative to rags + wipes that absorb everything




Spill Kits

Trucker Kits are designed for outdoor use

Cubby Kits are designed for indoors

Both Kits have all the supplies necessary to response to oil-based leaks and spills



Husky Strips

Designed to stop runaway oil spills mixed with water

Forms an instant barricade around drains and gutters

8" wide x 64" long x 1/2" thick