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Oil Spills

Oil Spills can be some of the trickiest to handle and can be overwhelming. We have developed a line of products to help you handle the spills with ease and contain and clean them up.

Booms are linked together to form a barrier along the perimeter in a marine based spill or factory flory. They float on water and contain and absorb hydrocarbon based-fluids. Pads, rolls and sweeps are deployed afterward to absorb the interior portion of the spill. 

  • 5"x10' Boom 4 per pack Socks & Net
  • 5"x20' Boom 2 per pack Socks & Net
  • 8"x10' Boom 4 per pack Socks & Net
  • 8"x20' Boom 2 per pack Socks & Net


Sweeps are dragged across the final sheen of an oil spill on water.

  • 19"x100' Sweeps 1 per pack Heavy Weight


Bilge Booms and Boom Pillows float around in bilges or sumps and skim oil off of water. Bilge Booms have a rope to anchor an item.

  • 5"x18" Boom 20 per pack Bilge Boom
  • 8"x18" Pillow 10 per pack Boom Pillow