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Hazmat Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Hazmat absorbent pads & rolls are used to absorb the most aggressive fluids and most non-aggressive fluids. Unsure of the type of liquid you will be cleaning up? Then Hazmat pads and rolls are the right option for you. Available in both yellow and green, hazmat absorbent pads will absorb oil, water and unknown liquids. These pads are primarily used in laboratory environments where small drips or leaks can cause major burns or drain hazards.  Precaution should always be used when handling and disposing of the absorbent pads and rolls especially when dealing with chemicals and unknown liquids. Gloves, protective eyewear and protective coveralls should also be worn.

Additionally, we carry neutralizing powders to help with absorption and cleanup of unknown chemicals.

  • 15"x18" Pad 100 per pack Heavy Weight
  • 15"x18" Pad 100 per pack Medium Weight
  • 22" Drum Top Pad 25 per pack Heavy Weight
  • 30"x150' Roll 1 per pack Heavy Weight
  • 15"x150' Roll 2 per pack Heavy Weight

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