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Granular Absorbents

We stock a full line of clay and granular absorbents, which are sold by the pallet with 40 50LB bags per pallet. However, have you ever really thought about how granular absorbents compare to Y-pers' Oil Absorbents? Pads are a great alternative...and here's why!


Granular and clay absorbents contain dust, which pose a potential health risk when breathed in.


Granular absorbents can get stuck on shoes and on clothing, which will then be tracked all over the office and throughout the plant.


Who will carry a 50lb bag across your warehouse to clean up a spill?


The motion of putting down the clay absorbent, letting it soak up the spill and then sweeping that clay absorbent into a pan and then (finally) into a trash can takes alot of time. It also costs alot of money.


Granular absorbents can be abrastive and harsh on machinary. When the granular absorbent gets in the air and into your machine, it can reduce the life of the machine and cost more for maintenance.


Dust can get onto the finished products, causing more time spent cleaning up and wiping down your product before being shipped to the customer.


15 50LB bags of clay absorbent equal one pack of Y-pers' Heavy Weight absorbent pads. If you want a sample to see, just let us know and we can send you a sample to try it out for yourself.