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Berms and Containment

Spill Berms and Secondary Containment products are great for any workplace environment, whether in your machine shop or on the ocean. Spills happen unexpectidly. Having the correct spill containment units in place and on hand can go a long way in assisting your clean-up and reducing the damage of these incidents.

Spill Berms

Our Spill Berms are made to order. This allows us to manufacture the correct size for the area you want to contain. They are durable and work both indoors and outdoors. Straight sections and corner pieces can be mixed and matched to fit together. The interior of these berms are made of an foam-material which can be walked or driven over. Cement glue is also available for berms that you want held into place.




Drain Guard

Drain guards are a must-have around any drain when you are out on the job. They prevent waste from getting into the water system and removing 80% of the sediment that is washed away into draings. They can also be used in industrial facitlies to keep oil and other containments out of the storm drains. The drain guard is 60" L x 60" W x 18" H.




Turbidity Barrier

Turbidity barriers are designed to prevent the migration of silt and turbidity from exiting a work area. Typical uses include; dredging, shoreline revetments, sheet wall or pile driving, aquatic weed control/harvesting, and marine construction activities. Turbidity barriers are designed to accommodate a variety of wind, sea and current conditions. Our standard barriers offer the additional benefit of debris and oil containment at the water line with the use of 22 oz PVC oil boom fabric around the floatation compartment. The floatation compartment is completely heat-sealed, each floatation element is additionally heat sealed on each end to create a completely watertight compartment and prevent the floats from shifting.

Below the floatation compartment we install the skirt section to the desired depth. Skirt materials consist of either permeable, woven polypropylene geotextile fabrics or impermeable polypropylene and PVC fabrics. The barriers are ballasted continually along the bottom using galvanized steel chain. 


Baffle Systems

Floating baffle curtains are used in wastewater treatment lagoons and other predefined structures to increase retention time. Lagoon baffles divert the flow within an existing lagoon or pond creating a serpentine pattern that increases the practical treatment or settling area within the lagoon. A properly designed baffle system can reduce or virtually eliminate dead zones as well as short circuiting.

Y-pers Environmental baffles are a cost effective solution to retrofitting an inefficient or overwhelmed treatment pond without reconstruction. Our baffle curtains can be manufactured from a variety of materials suitable for nearly any application and are custom designed for each installation.