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Markets We Serve: Industrial Janitorial Supplies

A Snapshot of our Customer Base

Y-pers, Inc. is an industrial janitorial supplies company that proudly serves a variety of industries and customers. Our diverse customer base allows us to be knowledgeable in a variety of industries, making sure that you have the best supplies to get your work done. By taking a hands on approach to customer service, we will get to know your business from the inside out, allowing us to make the best recommendations as to what products you should be using. Having already worked with a variety of industries, we are an experienced industrial janitorial supplies and cotton rags manufacturer with a great understanding of the supplies, materials and tools you need to get the job done.

Here is a profile of the industries where we perform best: 
Industrial & Manufacturing

Cotton Rags, Disposable Wiping Rags, Safety Gloves, Safety Glasses, Oil Absorbent Solutions, Janitorial Supplies, Ice melt 



Lint-Free Wipes, Low-Lint Wipes, Tacky Mats, Shoe Covers, Hair Nets, Gloves, Coveralls 


Food Service

Lint-Free Wipes, Low-Lint Wipes, Cotton Rags, Hair Nets, Gloves, Color-Coded Cleaning Supplies, FDA Approved Soap and Cleaners

Environmental Clean-Up

Oil Absorbent Pads, Rolls and Booms, Clean-Up Rags, Coveralls, Safety Gloves


Municipalities and Government Agencies

Cotton Wiping Rags, Disposable Wiping Rags, Oil Absorbent Solutions, Janitorial Supplies, Safety Supplies, Safety Vests, Ice melt


Private Label Services

We have the ability to set-up a private label wiping rag program and oil absorbent program. This means that when we sell you products they have your product label on them. The advantage to this program is that when your customer runs out of supplies, they know to contact you again. It will allow your product to stand apart from all the rest and help to grow your sales!