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Ice Melt

Y-PERS delivers snow and ice melting products to our customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Read about our ice melt products below. All of our snow and ice melt products are colored to allow for precise spreading of the product, preventing over application and to save you money. Call now for pricing on individual bags of ice melt, special skid pricing, or ordering ice melt by the truckload.


UltraPro Ice Melt with CMA

Our most popular Ice Melter, UltraPro is a fantastic product that contains CMA. As UltraPro goes to work, its time released formula stays on the surface longer to reduce the freeze/thaw cycle. Blended with a high level of CMA, this formula protects concrete and corrosion damage by forming a protective coating on the surface. UltraPro Ice Melt is colored green and stands out against snow and ice.

  • Melting Action to -25 F
  • Environmentally Formulated
  • Safe for Concrete
  • Safety Color Coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes CMA which is:
    • About as corrosive as tap water
    • Reduces Corrosion
    • Low Toxicity and Biodegradable
    • Requires fewer applications

Calcium Chloride Pellets

Calcium Chloride ice melt for professionals generates heat the moment it comes in contact with ice and snow and is proven to melt ice in temperatures as low as -25°F. Nothing else melts ice and snow in colder temperatures.

  • Penetrates even thick ice fast to melt when you need it most
  • 100% calcium chloride formula melts faster and longer in extreme winter temperatures than traditional melting salt
  • Scientifically proven to melt in extreme winter temperatures as low as -25°F

Rock Salt

Rock Salt is the most economical option. It is best used for areas with high foot traffic to help churn and break up the snow and ice.