What Color is Your Absorbent?

absorbent oil pads

After years of working in the cleaning products industry, we’ve gotten a lot of different questions. Two of the most common are:

  1. “Do all absorbent pads absorb the same amount?”
  2. “Which type of product should I be using?”

And both these questions have the same answer: It all comes down to color.

One of the first things we’ll ask new customers is “What color absorbent are you looking for?” And they’ll typically reply with something like “I don’t care about color, as long as it absorbs.”

This is where our years of selling oil absorbent pads and gaining expertise in the field of oil spills, contamination and oil safety pay off. Because no matter the manufacturer or the product, spill solutions are always color-coded.

Here are the three main absorbent solution options, and their corresponding colors.

1. oil absorbent padsWhite = Oil-only absorbents

These industrial products will only soak up hydrocarbon-based fluids and will not absorb water. Even if you’re using these pads outdoors and it begins to rain, the rain water will wash over and around oil-only pads, soaking up only the gas, diesel, or petroleum in the runoff.

universal oil absorbent pads2. Grey = Universal absorbent

These are universal pads, and will absorb oil, water, glycols, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluid and most chemicals. If left outside, these pads will become completely saturated with rain water.

3. Green or yellow = Hazmat absorbents

Yellow Hazmat Pads and Roll

Hazmat pads and rolls will soak up all the fluids we’ve mentioned, as well as aggressive chemicals and solvents. These products come in green or yellow to clearly identify the types of fluids being absorbed.

As you can see, in the world of absorbents and cleaning products, the right color is critical. A specialist at Y-pers can help you make sure you have the right product for the right job. Contact us today to determine which cleaning products will best suit your application.