What Are Cut Resistant Gloves Made Of?

cut resistant gloves

We recently received a call from a customer who wanted to thank us for supplying them with gloves that provided cut protection.

They realized how important these gloves are while removing steel strapping from a pallet. Without cut resistant gloves, the task almost certainly would have led them to cut their hands on the steel’s sharp edge.

The customer was grateful, but also curious.

“What are these gloves made of?” they asked. “They’re light and flexible and don’t feel strong, but they offered a lot of protection. They’re amazing!”

The gloves in question were made from Dyneema® yarn, but they aren’t the only cut resistant gloves out there. Here are a few of our favorite styles and materials:

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Grease Rags: What Are the Best Options?

grease rags

Grease can appear anywhere and everywhere in your shop, and cleaning it up typically requires a degreaser, special soap and some sort of rag.

Rags are your first line of defense against grease, but not all grease rags or grease spills are the same. When approaching workplace clean-ups, it helps to know your options.

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Why You Need Protective Arm Sleeves

protective arm sleeves

On job sites, it’s important your outfit works with the basics of safety: Hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, breathable clothing and the proper shoes are all “must have” items on shop floors.

But what about arm protection?

With major veins and arteries running through our forearms, protecting this part of the body is a vital – but an often overlooked – aspect of workplace safety.

And as with safety gloves, different environments require different types of arm protection. By having a variety of protective arm sleeves available, you can provide each employee with the perfect, safest fit for their arms.

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What is Cheesecloth? Uses for Cheesecloth Fabric.

what is cheesecloth

Although originally used in the production of cheese, cheesecloth has, in fact, many uses, including acting as polishing/wiping cloths in laboratories, printmaking, clothing, woodworking, and staining.

In this blog post, we’ll offer a brief overview of cheesecloth and how it’s used in different applications.

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Heavy Duty Disposable Gloves

disposable gloves

One of our customers recently built a brand-new facility and asked us to come by for a tour. Halfway through our visit, we noticed something that’s a standard item for any warehouse or industrial setting:

Disposable gloves.

They can be used on the factory floor, to clean a bathroom, to take out the trash. In other words, used by everyone to do everything.

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How Heat Affects the Body

summer supplies

Stay cool with the right summer supplies

Summer is a time for relaxation…except for people working outdoors, or in factories and warehouses.

For these people, heat stress is a serious problem, although one that can be avoided by understanding how the body works and finding the right summer supplies.

How does heat affect the body?

Even when the weather isn’t warm, our bodies produce heat by breathing, digesting food and exerting and storing energy. Combining those factors with the rising mercury can make it tough for our bodies to regulate temperature. Fortunately, we’re born with our own internal cooling system: thermoregulation, which maintains body temps through perspiration, or sweating.

But thermoregulation can only do so much. When outside factors, such as physical exeration and high temperature are combined the body begins to experience stress. This can lead to descreased productivity, dehydration and a lack of mental awareness, which in turn can lead to workpalce accidents.

Preventing heat illnesses

Educating and providing the right resources to your employees will  help prevent illness and/or dehydration during the hotter months. Employees who undersatnd the signs of heat illness and know how to combat and relieve themselves from heat stress will help lead to your business running smoothly through the summer months.

Simple things, such providing enough water, longer breaks and shade, go a long way in making sure employees stay safe. Additionally, we can provide workers better tools to make them more comfortable. Some of these tools are:

  • Breathable Clothing – Cotton is a great form of fabric, but there are other materials such as mesh t-shirts, which are more breathable and actually wick away sweat from the body. Additionally, wearing protective headgear is great to keep the sun off of the faces of employees.
  • Breathable Gloves – By purchasing gloves that have a spandex or lyrca back, the hands will be able to breathe more easily and not trap heat within the glove preventing heat rash and sweathy hands.
  • Fluid Replenishment – There are industrial drinks, like Sqwincher, which help to replenish fluids lost by sweat. Similar to gaterade, Sqwincher is packed with electrolytes and designed for the commercial use. Sqwincher is available in a powdered concentrate, liquid or even popsicle form to help reenergize electrolytes.
  • Cooling Towels – Chill-Its cooling towels are a great option to work. They maintain their “cool” for hours on end and can be placed directly on the neck, arms or even underneath a hard hat.
  • Coveralls – Coveralls or bunny suits are typically used to keep you clean, but during the summer months they also act as a sauna by trapping your body heat within the suit and causing extreme heat.We carry a Key-Tec Cool Coverall with a breathable back and underarms so alleviate the heat from the body.

Few businesses can afford to shut down for the summer and safety and productivity can never take a vacation. Giving your workers the right health education and the right protective gear is vital during the hot weather months.

Let Y-pers help provide you with that gear. We carry a full ine of products to help with relief in the heat – such as cooling towels, mesh safety vests, sweatbands and electrolyte replishment drinks and freeze pops. These should all be a part of your summer package to defeat the heat.

Contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your business to see how our summer supplies and specialized products can help you and your employees have a safer summer.

Oil Spill Solutions in the Rain

Oil-Water Separator Filters Are a Must-Have

An oil spill can be difficult to manage on its own. Throw in rainy weather, and that spill becomes considerably more difficult.

In situations like these, a simple absorbent pad won’t work. Rain water creates a barrier on standard white oil-only absorbent pads and causes the water to run off. In addition, oil rises to the top of the rain water or puddle and quickly spreads.

Fortunately, we carry a line of products from a brand called Spilltration™ that allows the water to filter through the pad – like a strainer – and collect only the oil inside the absorbent material. These products are super flexible and can be air sealed to fit in tight spaces for secure storage.

With their innovative oil-water separator filter technology, Spilltration™ products will work with many applications, such as around ditches and storm sewer outfall drains.

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Every Facility Needs an Oil Spill Kit Clean Up Checklist

oil spill kit

Regular absorbent pads are useful tools for cleaning up leaks or drips at your facility. But they’re often no match for more serious spills, which is why you should have a oil spill kit on hand.

Spill kits come in a variety of sizes and variations, from the standard oil spill kit to chemical and hazmat kits to universal spill kits. Continue reading Every Facility Needs an Oil Spill Kit Clean Up Checklist

Summer Gear for Construction Work

summer gear

Looking at the 7-day forecast, I noticed the first “90 degree” day. This may not come as a surprise as we are halfway through June, however, it is significant for two reasons. First, I have to remember which friends of mine allow dogs in their pool. Second, and more importantly, I want to ensure my employees and customers who are working in the sun are properly equipped with the right summer gear.

During the summer there tends to be more commercial and residential projects outside that include outdoor working. According to OSHA, more than 40% of heat-related working deaths occur in the construction industry, but workers in every line of the job are susceptible.

Here are some tips we have for staying hydrated, comfortable, and safe during the warmer months.

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What Supplies Should Pharmaceutical Facilities Have?

PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical Clean Room

Over the past few years, we’ve added a number of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers to our client base.

Although we don’t distribute the ingredients for their products, we do offer something that’s crucial to drug and nutritional supplement production: the supplies and expertise necessary to keep a manufacturing area clean.

Both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries have clean rooms that require certain products to prevent contamination.

And after 30 years of providing lint-free rags and other equipment to these industries, we’ve concluded that some items are essential to these facilities.

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