Oil Spill Solutions in the Rain

Oil-Water Separator Filters Are a Must-Have

An oil spill can be difficult to manage on its own. Throw in rainy weather, and that spill becomes considerably more difficult.

In situations like these, a simple absorbent pad won’t work. Rain water creates a barrier on standard white oil-only absorbent pads and causes the water to run off. In addition, oil rises to the top of the rain water or puddle and quickly spreads.

Fortunately, we carry a line of products from a brand called Spilltration™ that allows the water to filter through the pad – like a strainer – and collect only the oil inside the absorbent material. These products are super flexible and can be air sealed to fit in tight spaces for secure storage.

With their innovative oil-water separator filter technology, Spilltration™ products will work with many applications, such as around ditches and storm sewer outfall drains.

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Every Facility Needs an Oil Spill Kit Clean Up Checklist

oil spill kit

Regular absorbent pads are useful tools for cleaning up leaks or drips at your facility. But they’re often no match for more serious spills, which is why you should have a oil spill kit on hand.

Spill kits come in a variety of sizes and variations, from the standard oil spill kit to chemical and hazmat kits to universal spill kits. Continue reading Every Facility Needs an Oil Spill Kit Clean Up Checklist

Summer Gear for Construction Work

summer gear

Looking at the 7-day forecast, I noticed the first “90 degree” day. This may not come as a surprise as we are halfway through June, however, it is significant for two reasons. First, I have to remember which friends of mine allow dogs in their pool. Second, and more importantly, I want to ensure my employees and customers who are working in the sun are properly equipped with the right summer gear.

During the summer there tends to be more commercial and residential projects outside that include outdoor working. According to OSHA, more than 40% of heat-related working deaths occur in the construction industry, but workers in every line of the job are susceptible.

Here are some tips we have for staying hydrated, comfortable, and safe during the warmer months.

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What Supplies Should Pharmaceutical Facilities Have?

PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical Clean Room

Over the past few years, we’ve added a number of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers to our client base.

Although we don’t distribute the ingredients for their products, we do offer something that’s crucial to drug and nutritional supplement production: the supplies and expertise necessary to keep a manufacturing area clean.

Both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries have clean rooms that require certain products to prevent contamination.

And after 30 years of providing lint-free rags and other equipment to these industries, we’ve concluded that some items are essential to these facilities.

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The Best Oil Absorbent Pads for Dealing with Spills

A close and far set of oil spill booms across the cove of a lake to prevent an oil spill from leaving an area.

Whether you’re working in your factory or out in a field, dealing with oil can mean dealing with oil spills.

And these spills can seem overwhelming, especially in situations where oil meets water.

Fortunately, the industry has taken great strides in developing oil absorbent pads that allow water to flow through, around or over them.

Here are some absorbents that are useful for collecting oil on water:

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The Difference Between 100% Cotton Rags and Recycled Rags

Housekeeping cleaning a window with a 100% cotton rags

We produce more than 20 types of wiping materials here at Y-pers, with different price points, sizes, measurements and quality.

And while the perfect rag for one person might not be right for someone else, we’ve found that most people want something made from cotton, ideally 100 percent cotton. Continue reading The Difference Between 100% Cotton Rags and Recycled Rags

Where Do Rags Come From?

Woman at work, professional maid cleaning in dental officeWe’ve been in business for nearly 100 years, and in that time, we’ve supplied millions upon millions of rags to our customers.

We’ve supplied everything from colored cotton rags to huck rags to terry towels. And again and again, our customers ask the same thing: “Where do my rags come from?”

And the answer is “A few different places.” Here’s a quick snapshot of some of them:

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